Zombie GamerTags Rise From Their Graves

Did someone abandon their old GamerTag years ago, and you’ve been waiting for it to become available? Microsoft had issued a moratorium on these old GamerTags, but seems to be releasing them back into the wild. Players can now see if these GamerTags are available, pay the requisite transfer fee, and go on Live under a new alias. Think it’s time to change things up?

I actually won’t be going for a change. I’ve had the same online gaming name for nearly two decades now in some form. While I keep my real name for serious ventures, such as web sites, I keep the same online name for gaming. What about you? Will you be changing your title? Why?

Remember, as Major Nelson notes

Changing your Gamertag does not affect your Gamerscore, Achievements, or your friends list.

Via Major Nelson.

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