AC: Brotherhood ‘Da Vinci Disappearance’ Trailer

I really dug Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (as did our own Zac Campbell), but the multiplayer really surprised me. Until the day before it released, I wasn’t even entirely sure there was a single player campaign to AC: B, but I finally pulled the pre-order trigger with thoughts of furthering Desmond’s story and not even touching the online component.

Cut to dozens of hours and levels later, I’d become a regular on the AC: B multiplayer servers, so you can imagine my near palpable joy when this little trailer came around for the Da Vinci Disappearance DLC due out next week.

Apart from four new characters—of which the knight I find most odd (how can he be running and climbing so deftly with so much armor on?)—you’ll also be getting one new map and two new game types in a VIP assassination/protection mode and what appears to be a deathmatch-ish free-for-all mode.

The video also confirms what the single player portion of the DLC will contain: eight missions, two new locations, two more gameplay features, and 10 additional trophies/achievements. The story follows the fall of the Borgias where Leonardo Da Vinci is kidnapped by a cult called the Hermeticists and Ezio must rescue him.

By far, the most intriguing part of the DLC remains unknown in the two new “gameplay features.” I guess we’ll all find out what those are come March 8th.

Also, does anyone else find it hard to not say “da Da Vinci Disappearance” or is it just me?

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  • Can’t wait to get this!!! I love Assassin’s Creed and the new characters look amazing.