Bring Your Xbox Live Avatar Into The Real World

Have you ever wished for a huge poster, statue or etching of your Xbox Live avatar?  Well, your wishes have been heard and granted.  Now there are a variety of ways to bring your avatar off the screen and into your life.

Fathead, the leading brand in sports and entertainment wall graphics can now create a custom Fathead of your avatar.  Just supply your gamertag, select from ten poses, and choose a size – up to 6.5 feet tall!  Fatheads will stick to any flat, smooth indoor surface and are removable and reusable.  Get more info HERE.

FigurePrints can recreate your Xbox Live avatar as a 5″ high, detailed replica.  Again, just supply your gamertag and choose a pose and they will send your one-of-a-kind statuette right to your door.  Get more info HERE.

Zune Originals will custom etch your Avatar onto your Zune HD.  Same routine – enter your gamertag and select a pose.  For a limited time you can save up to $70 and receive a free AC adapter with a device purchase.  Get more info HERE.

Via Xbox Live

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