iPad 2 Finally Formally Announced!

2 different colors. 2 cameras. Apple’s A5 chip. 33% thinner then the current generation iPad. All for the same price. The specs have finally been announced and the iPad 2 is hidden no more. It has a release date of March 11, yes, only about a week away. The newer iPad will also allow HDMI mirrored video output (if you buy the adapter) at up to 1080p.

You can read all the final specs over on Apple’s iPad website. Now the big question is, who is going out to pick one of these up on day one? Personally I thought I would be but all of a sudden, I’m a little let down. I guess I was hoping for a nice retina display, or an SD port. While finally getting that camera is nice, it’s not enough to make be have to pick on up on day one. And while the faster and more efficient A5 chip is also a plus, I don’t really need it, not for what I use my iPad for. If you don’t have an iPad though, I have to say, this new iPad 2 is a great way to start with one.

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  • Good thing about iPad 2 is that the iPad should drop dramtically in changing it from luxery item to something affordable.
    Personally I’m sticking with my iPad, as I excpect that the iPad 2 although technically better than mine it will only be a stepping stone to the iPad 3. Think iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4