RuneScape Receives March Update

You ever notice that if you space RuneScape in a certain way it reads Run eScape?

That’s probably why I only ever made it to Level 3 before fishing and foraging my way to repeated PVP kills that looked kind of like this.

After only a few hours of play I quickly ran, and luckily escaped from this MMO, but I guess it is still the world’s foremost free one out there, so it makes sense that it was given a pretty substantial March update.

The update is comprised of two workshops, Elemental Workshop IV and Artisan’s Workshop, which both serve to promote the new Smithing update. I didn’t realize you couldn’t be a good blacksmith before, but I guess now you can be a great blacksmith. In addition, there will also be some Bonus XP awards, wealthier rings, graphically better trolls and singing pirates, as well as a new master level pirate quest called A Clockwork’s Syringe.

Here’s some information from Runescape headquarters about the new smithing workshops, which is explained a lot more elaborately and better than I’d be able to.

Elemental Workshop IV

The first planned updated for March is the next quest in the Elemental Workshop series, and it’s totally cosmic. Well, perhaps not ‘totally’ cosmic…because it’s chaotic too! You see, Elemental Workshop IV will not only bring with it access to the cosmic machine, but the chaos machine as well, and you’ll have to solve the puzzle of how to get both of them working again.

Follow in Vitruvius’s footsteps and get these machines online, and you’ll soon be wearing the brand new rewards that come with it – this time in the form of elemental gloves and boots. The quest series’ story also starts to come more to the fore this time, as you’ll not only learn more about what happened to Vitruvius and his apprentice, you’ll also meet the series’ first proper character…

Artisan’s Workshop

The Smithing skill will then be next in line to receive its long-awaited update. Some industrious dwarves are preparing to set up shop with an Artisan’s Workshop in south-east Falador nearby the Mining Guild. These artisans aren’t the friendliest of dwarves, but they’re willing to open up their workshop to humans, providing new training opportunities, so long as you provide your own ores…

Dwarves are ever in need of new cart track to make repairs and expand their network, so, although it’s aimed at level 1-30 Smithing, everyone is free to lend a hand here. Life as a dwarf must also be fraught with danger, as there is also a constant demand for dwarven burial armour, the creation of which is taught within the workshop’s walls, which should prove useful for anyone from levels 30-70 Smithing. Parts of these two training methods are available to free-players, though members will be able to get more out of them.

Members then gain exclusive access to two further training methods: cannon repair and ceremonial swords. Aksel in the cannon repair room would have you believe that “working with these silver beauties” is reward enough, but it’s also a decent training method for smiths of level 40 and up. The real challenge for level 70+ smiths, though, is making ceremonial swords… It’s not for everyone, as it’s a fine and precise art, but those who can master it should earn more XP working on adamant ceremonial swords than they could bashing out adamant platebodies.

Sounds like quite the update. If you’re actually a Runescape player, or have any thoughts about the game, let us know in the comments section below. Happy smithing!

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    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      It’s true, that thing is for pussies. It’ all about the Canon Xl2!

  • ANOTHER Elemental Workshop quest? I haven’t even done #3 yet.

  • Elemental Workshop 4 really has nothing to do with smithing. Get your facts straight before you attempt to write these articles.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      As I mentioned, I only played Run eScape to Level 3, so it’s sort of been a while.