The Most Incredible Call Of Duty Video Ever

I’m not normally one to promote Call of Duty games but this video justifies my self imposed ban.  Basically this guy goes 501-8.  That’s right FIVE HUNDRED AND ONE kills.  Either he’s cheating or an exceptionally gifted gamer or there’s something seriously wrong with Black Ops.

via gamrtv



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  • I’ve not played Black Ops myself, too manyu D****bags online and this guy is one of them, yes it is a remarkable kill streak but when you watch it most his kills are attacks from behind and person after person seem to just appear in front of him.

    So he is either(IMO)
    1. A d******bag whoi camps at spawn points
    2. Playing against really bad opponents or people who were in on it
    3. He is a modder/cheater
    4. I really doubt that ANYONE coan rack up 500 kills in one match.

  • plus his profile is private; if you were that great a player you’d boast not hide

  • Ross Phillips (Ross77)

    Guessing from what the commentator says early on, this guy’s clan of cowards seem to specialise on spawn camping…. So no talent required basically. Would love to one on one with this buffon on Killzone 3 and see how good he really is. Any girl can spawn camp… The other thing that’s amazing is that two people died over 200 times. WTF? No way on god’s earth I’d let that happen to me. So like someone commented chances are they’re participating in some water-meloning.

  • Fbanana

    Humm yeaah right… You guys are probably right… He probably suck real bad but found a way to work around the fact he sucks.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You guys are just jealous… Just for fun, go and try to do this yourself… Pick a friend or two and tell them to let you kill them each time you see em… And come tell me you did 500 kills in a match.. I mean, yeah its possible that he had a friend or two in the gammick but seriously.. 500 kills?? Even with cheating you couldnt do this! So yeah in my opinion he might be a cheater… But if he is no one here can say hes bad at it… My best game was around 50-5…so i guess if two of my friends died 200 times each for me id still have over 60 kills to do to egalize his score.. Wich if you ask me, is a lot… The guys good.. He might be a cheater but… Hes definitely good..