Platform Nation’s Lock and Load – Episode 47

This weeks hosts are, Steven Artlip (Steve519), Scott diMonda (WCC5723) and Mark Rea (A Dark Knight 2).

Our primary objective this week:
– Why do you do what you do in the gaming community?

Our rapid fire topics this week are:
“inFAMOUS 2″ Charges Up To Infinity And Beyond by: Chad Bonin (Knux Five)
5 New PS3 Titles Now Available As Greatest Hits by: Anthony Rocha (Exogenesis)
Nintendo 3DS Hacked Already? by: Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)
Pre-Order Homefront Get An OnLive Console by: Steven Artlip (Steve519)
MyGamercard.Net Shut Down – Blames Microsoft by: Chris Forbis (mensadad)
Who’s That Masked Man? by: Mike Murphy (chibicomics)
Call of Duty Content Could Go Free by: Stewart Loosemore (Stigweird85)
Cat’s Out Of The Bag by: Jon Barajas (DZRK1345)
Homefront TV Premiere by: Mark Withers. (PN MarkWithers)
Live Action Killzone Short Film by: Tim Poon (mockenoff)

And let’s not forget, Mark’s Question of the Week:
– What video game character would you be for a day and why?

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  • I do what I do in the community mainly to prove Steve wrong. Also, I just really enjoy talking about games with like minded people, and even non like minded people. The debates that crop up can be great for pushing us forward and keeping us strong. I also just really love putting my retarded personality out there in the hopes of making someone laugh.

    I’ve met some amazing people, and Steve.

  • At least Steve is consistent, and I’m with Scott on Kratos (that, and Scott looks like him):

    Good show, guys!