Resistance 3 Multiplayer Only Supports 16 Players

Despite the fact that Resistance 2’s multiplayer pulled off 60 player matches Insomniac has decided to keep Resistance 3’s multiplayer down to fair sized 16 player bouts. Insomniac wanted to make the multiplayer more personal. Insomniac has also revealed new active and passive multiplayer abilities. A couple of the active abilities are ammo/health drops and an electrified field. The passive abilities are stat buffs that are always-active. The last ability is the Berserk, it is rewarded for kill streaks and make Chimeran characters temporarily invincible.

Personally I’m a fan of this decreased size in multiplayer bouts, some matches in Resistance 2 got a little hectic. Are you guys also in favor of this change or are you a little upset that Resistance 3 isn’t going to be the next MAG?


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