Crysis 2’s Multiplayer Weapons Intrigue, Explode

I never really cared much for Crysis. In fact, the only way I truly found unrequited joy with that game was through YouTube videos of the multitude of shenanigans capable with its engine.

Pro tip: watching Crysis gameplay videos muted while listening to Darude’s “Sandstorm” makes them oddly compelling.

Anyways, either through misplaced optimism or sheer credulity, I’m hopeful for Crysis 2. While mostly everything points to generic gun combat with amazing graphics, I still find myself looking towards its March 22nd release date.

Take this new multiplayer weapons trailer for example. The voiceover is fairly bland and quite cheesy and actually inspires the need to cringe due to how much it makes me feel like I’m watching a help video on some ticket purchasing kiosk; there are no readily apparent innovations to the now standard persistent XP-collecting fare; and it doesn’t seem to do much different from the rather stale multiplayer demo. However, despite all of that, I’m still hopeful.

The little touches are what does it: the (one line of) humor, the shaking HUD elements when using heavy weapons, and the Ezio-esque air attack at the end. So I might be easily swayed, maybe even a fool, but we’ll see soon enough.

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  • no new innovations at all? how about the nanosuit? it kinda changes gameplay umm ALOT? wake up.

    • If you read more carefully, I said there were no new innovations readily apparent to the way most online shooters now run off a leveling, experience point-based system, not the gameplay (or at all). I’m awake!