Hands On With Orcs Must Die!

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be flown down to Plano, Texas to check out Robot Entertainment‘s studio and a brand new, unannounced original IP. We weren’t given any real details of the IP, all we were given was the phrase OMD! and given Robot’s past most of us considered it to be a new realtime strategy game. We couldn’t be any more wrong.

After a nice tour of their studio, a small studio of around 45 people (you can see the photos here), we were able to get some hands on time with the game, a game that I found myself surprisingly addicted to after a very short period of time.

Let’s go ahead and dive right into the game now. Orcs Must Die! is a single player game, it will be downloadable (details are still being hashed out but it looks to be on Steam, the XBLA and the PSN store). To sum up the type of game it is best, think of a action, hack and slash type of game that’s also focuses on the tower defense type of gameplay. Your character is protecting his home world and to do so, you must stop the Orcs from getting into the Rift that will allow them to do so. To stop them from getting to the Rift you will have access to spells, weapons and traps. The further you progress the more access you will have. The levels that you are playing are referred to as fortresses, there will be more then 20 in the game. And each fortress, besides looking very unique, and having multiple floors and pathways, will also have unique features like boiling acid, breakable chandeliers, etc, all of which will help you in defeating said Orcs.

Now I’ve mentioned Orcs several times already, don’t worry if you are afraid of only facing Orcs, there will be more then 8 unique monsters that you will face, each with their own playing style and attributes. We saw 4 of them at the event, the standard Orcs, some monsters with a crossbow (very dangerous as they like to only target yourself), some superfast creatures that just try to get to the Rift and some Super Orc like creatures that will divert so much of your focus because they have just so much XP.

Time to hit up the traps, just think medieval and awesome! I was able to play with a few of the traps and I have to say, they are just tons of fun. From tar pits, spikes coming from the floor, catapults, everyone one that I used was unique and fun. Now you won’t get unlimited traps, all traps cost resources and you earn resources by slaying the enemies. For anyone that has played any tower defense type of game, this will be real simple to understand.

How is the gameplay you might ask? Is it simple to pick up an play? The answers to those questions is that Orcs must Die! is very simple to pick up and play and everything just works the way you would imagine. In a matter of minutes I was setting up elaborate traps, slaying Orcs with my sword and crossbow and setting them on fire with one of my spells. I was playing this on PC at the time, I have no idea how well Orcs Must Die! will translate to controllers but being that this is coming from the same guys that brought Halo Wars to the Xbox 360, I’m not to worried, still though, my platform of choice will be on Steam with hopes and dreams of it coming to the Mac (nothing announced, but I did pass the word several times that it would be great to be play to play this on my Macs) as well.

There will be much more information about Orcs Must Die! in the near future as Robot Entertainment decides to share everything with all of us, you can count on us passing everything about this game on to our community. If you have any questions about Orcs Must Die!, please feel free to ask away in the comment section below. Everything that I’m able to talk about, I’ll let you know and if I don’t know, I’ll find out for yourself. You can also check out our previous roundtable discussion and my one on one interview with Chris Rippy for much more information.

Steve’s Final Thoughts: After getting my hands on with it, there is no question I’m picking Orcs Must Die! up. I just had a lot of fun with the game and with it coming out sometime this summer on the PSN, XBLA and Steam, I really think you should too. The game is just a lot of fun and it’s great to see such a fun game coming out for a bargin price (not a disc release).

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