Epic’s GDC Unreal Engine Demo

Italian gaming site has been busy at GDC this year. Not only did they manage to shaky cam-capture Digital Illusions’ closed-door demo of Battlefield 3, but they’ve also snagged footage of Epic’s Unreal Engine tech demo (much to Cliffy B’s chagrin).

I think it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: wow. And just to clarify since the developer comments aren’t present in the video, all of that was rendered in real time, as in no pre-rendered trickery or hand-scripted shenanigans. Everything from the models to the lighting and the physics were calculated and rendered as the scene played out in real time with Epic’s new Unreal Engine.

So, check out these videos while you can. As I understand it, one of the Battlefield 3 videos has already been pulled from’s website (though you can still find it at Kotaku), which is a shame because that video is just as—if not more—impressive than this one.

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