Gaming Confessions: Short Attention Span

I have a problem with Video games, don’t worry I’m not going to say that they have ruined my life or that I am spending every waking moment playing them and spending almost every penny I have on them. Nor am I going to joining GA (Gamers Anonymous) if there such a thing. If there isn’t, then I hereby make my claim for copyright and will sue whoever does start it. Anyway back to the topic on hand, my problem is that I have either a short attention span or short memory

What I mean is that if I for whatever reason move on to a different game, even if it is on a different platform or a different genre I will rarely if ever return to the original game. Thankfully it’s not so bad that I have to complete games in one sitting as that be suicide.

The list of games that fallen victim to this includes some A+ big hitters

1.      Assassins Creed 2

2.      Bioshock (Until this year)

3.      Oblivion

4.      Dark Sector

5.      Call of Juarez

6.      Spider-man Shattered Dimensions

7.      Resistance

8.      Tomb Raider

9.      Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas

10.   Alan Wake

I could go on; these are just some examples of the top of my head.  I know that this is a problem for me and I will do my best to prevent it by completing at least the basic story mode/campaign mode of a game before moving onto the next. I have thought about why this happens, part of me blames a short attention span and that I am always looking for the next immediately after starting the last thing (I must have been a joy for my parents when it came to Christmas presents) I also blame my whatdoyoucall it, the thing in your head that you use to recall information..Ah yes memory. I am terrible with names/faces/dates/events.  I forget who did what and when, where I am supposed to go and where I have been.  This mean IF I go back to a game I usually have to start from the beginning so I can understand and appreciate the story. This in turn causes another problem as I can and do get bored replaying the parts that I remember which often leads to me looking for the next thing again. It’s a vicious cycle.

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  • I’m with you on this and just for examples. taking your list.

    1. Assassins Creed 2 (brotherhood for me)

    2. Bioshock (Until this year) – Yes finally finished it this year.

    3. Oblivion – started never finished

    4. Dark Sector

    5. Call of Juarez – started never finished

    6. Spider-man Shattered Dimensions

    7. Resistance – started never finished

    8. Tomb Raider – only completed TR4

    9. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas – guess what – started never finished

    10. Alan Wake – more than half way through but started never finished

  • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

    I have had issues with this in the past, which is why if I’m really interested in a game I usually play it obsessively till completion. I’ve done this recently with the No More Heroes series and some others.

    A game I put down recently without finishing was MvC 3. After I held a tournament the weekend after I got the game and unlocked the four characters, I only rarely get to play if someone wants to play with me. That’s only once a week…then again it’s a fighting game so I don’t know how much that counts.