Impossible Game Gets Impossibly Clear

With addicting games in Apple’s App Store seemingly spreading like a disease to people all over the world, it’s nice to see that they are not being forgotten, rather the developers continue to show support by adding improvements and new content to their creations.

Last year I gave a rave review to ‘The Impossible Game,’ and my love for it since then has only gotten stronger. Released today was a brand new update which now finally supports the Retina Display for the iPhone 4 and the latest iPod Touch. Oddly enough, after giving it a test, it didn’t seem to change the visuals all that much as they were very simplistic anyway. But at least the tiny icon on my home screen doesn’t look so disgusting anymore compared to the icons… and that’s all we care about anyway, right?

For the unfamiliar to the game, ‘The Impossible Game‘ has you perfecting perfectly designed levels getting from point A to point B without making a single mistake. You must jump over spikes and gaps, while constantly being propelled forward. One blink and it could be game over. It’s a bit hard to explain so I encourage anyone, and everyone, to try out the lite version and watch as you’ll be addicted like no game before.

The game ships with one level, as well as an unlockable level (the original X Box Live Arcade level, where the game originated from), as well as two bonus in-app purchasable levels. I’m never usually one to buy into in-app content, but I couldn’t resist in this case, and am I ever glad I did it. The two new levels add even more insanity to the mix, featuring new obstacles to overcome, different backgrounds, and even more top notch music which was one of my favorite things about the game in the first place (download the full soundtrack here, if you’re interested).

Do yourself a favor if you’ve yet to check the game out and get it now that it’s in beautiful Retina Display goodness.

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