Independent Propeller Awards Finalists Announced

The Independent Games Festival has come and gone, but there’s some more indie game goodness still lurking behind the corner. indiePub sorted through a pool of 150 entries from all over the globe and has announced the seven finalists chosen for the 2011 Independent Propeller Awards. This year’s contenders will be competing for more than $150, 000 in cash and prizes, as well an opportunity to be published by Zoo Entertainment.

Hosting this year’s ceremony are Meredith Molinari from The Tester and Adam “Atomic” Saltsman, developer of Canabalt. The event will be held on March 13 at 5pm CST in the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. Each of the selected finalists will also be displaying their nominated games at indiePub’s booth during South by Southwest from March 11 to March 13.

Take a gander at this year’s humble opponents:

  • The Uncanny Fish Hunt (Uncanny Games)
    An adventure game where players take on the role of Siméon, to fight an unleashed ocean.
  • Skinny (Thomas Brush)
    An exploration and adventure game where players help Skinny, a skinny freak, save the apocalyptic world from their minds.
  • Chewy (Happy Candy Co.)
    A 2D platformer in which players control Chewy, a sticky piece of gum.
  • Creo (Peter Angstadt)
    A physics puzzle game in which players must create and experiment to succeed by helping Creo and his friends home from school each day.
  • Deep Sea (Robin Arnott)
    An audio-only game, where players lose their vision and hearing and are plunged into a world of blackness occupied only by the sound of their own breathing and the rumbles made by unseen terrors.
  • Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers (Black Pants Game Studio)
    A story of a thief who had stolen our hero’s most valued possession – a pair of underpants.
  • GLiD (Glid)
    A single player ambient exploration game where a small robot is tasked with exploring and restoring an abandoned world.

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