Indie Spotlight: Rizk

Developed by Playerthree, Rizk is a 2D browser based game that takes a charming approach to the tower defense genre. The objective is simple: nurture an alien plant to life in order to progress to the next level. Resources are disbursed throughout the vicinity, and are guarded by vegetation that emit poisonous spores. The player is given a limited amount of cash to spend on insect-like creatures that can be summoned to gather resources or defend the plant from the infectious spores. There are three types of Gatherers and three types of Defenders, each more effective and pricier than the last. If used without caution, the spores can overtake the Defenders and gravitate towards your plant. In the same respect, if the Gatherers aren’t well regulated, your plant will take longer to develop. This can make gameplay surprisingly difficult, and forces the player to really consider the choices they make.

The art design is said to be heavily influenced by sci-fi movie posters of the 1950’s and 60’s , and it undoubtedly shows. Visuals are bold, yet soft and pleasing to the eye. Deep blues and purples are contrasted with bright neon colors, profiled by a star and planet cover backdrop. Ambient sounds of flutes and chimes make up the simple soundtrack, giving a sense of calm to an otherwise exciting atmosphere.

The game is free to play, includes 20 engaging levels and a leaderboard, so there’s really no reason not to give this game a look. Head over to Science Museum’s official site and give it a shot.

Via IndieGames Blog

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