Infinity Blade: The Deathless Kings

Fans of Infinity Blade, which was released late last year will have by now had their chance to try out the latest update from ChAIR titled, “The Deathless Kings.”

Released last week, this is the second update for the game since its launch, and both of them have been absolutely free. This time around you’ll find a bunch of added tweaks and features, including the ability to start more than one character at one time, restart from the first bloodline, as well as minor adjustments such as customizing the size of the ‘dodge’ buttons that appear on the display.

There is also a new mode called “NewGame+” which allows you to essentially re-master every item in the game for those of you who are really into building your character up.

Some of the more interesting updates however include more than 10 new enemies to encounter, 30 new magic rings, swords, helmets, and armor, and of course the new area where you will unlock the God King’s darkest secret.

It’s great to see new content for the game as I had played it to death and felt it had gotten a tad stale, but with these new features I will definitely be jumping back in. What’s more is the fact that there is already a third content pack ‘coming soon’ which will include the long demanded multiplayer component for the game. Cannot wait for that.

Until then, keep on leveling up, and check back here for the latest! For more information including our full review click here.


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