P*N New This Week: 6th March 2011

Welcome to Platform Nation’s weekly feature where we inform you, the reader, on all the game releases you should be looking out for.

Each week as well as bringing you news about which games are due to hit the shelves in the seven days ahead, the Platform Nation writer will choose their pick of the week.

My pick for this week is:

Dragon Age 2:

Dragon Age 2: tells the story of Hawke, a survivor of the Darkspawn horde’s destruction of Lothering (a village featured in Dragon Age: Origins) who rises to become the Champion of Kirkwall. Using a framed story format, Varric, one of Hawke’s companions, tells Hawke’s story to Cassandra Pentaghast, a Chantry Seeker; decisions made in the game by the player determine more than a decade of history that changes the world of Thedas forever.

My View: This week for me is a close call behind the new IP FPS Homefront and Dragon Age 2 but while Homefront has lots of potential we won’t know for sure if it’s a Half Life 2 or just another flop in a long list of FPS flop down the years.  Bioware always deliver and are the masters of RPGs so I expect nothing less than a classic for Dragon Age 2, with my only doubt being that the whole RPG experience may be watered down even more for the console market with an emphasis on the combat mechanics.

The full rundown. As well as my pick of the week the following games are due for release:

Xbox 360:


Nintendo Wii:

PlayStation Portable:

Nintendo DS:


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Source: Wikipedia (for Dragon Age 2 plot)