Tiny Wings Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Tiny Wings
Release: Feb 18, 2011
Developer: Andreas Illiger
MSRP: $.99
Rating: (Age) 4+
Version: 1.0
Size: 10.5 MB

There are some games on the iPhone that you play once or twice and get bored.  Others maintain your interest for a few days, and then you move on to the next game.  Then there are games like Tiny Wings.  The creators of Tiny Wings should pat themselves on the back, because they turned a generally overdone concept into a masterpiece.  Not only does the game offer a thoroughly engaging experience, but its surprising depth provides buyers an experience that they will not soon be forgotten.


Tiny Wings may very well be the most addictive game ever created by mankind.  The ease of control combined with the perfect flow of gameplay makes it easy to get sucked into this game for hours before you even know it.  Players take control of a small bird, who can’t really fly but happens to be very aerodynamic, and try to build his momentum by synchronizing his movement with the hills that line the many islands of the game before the sun goes down.  In addition to the general goal of achieving a high score, the multiple challenges available give the game amazing replay value, as players can attempt to achieve certain goals in order to obtain the next nest and thus increase their potential score.



Controls don’t really get simpler than they are in Tiny Wings.  The bird character controlled by the player has two modes, wings open and wings closed.  When the player does nothing (i.e. does not touch the screen) the bird keeps his wings open, but when the player touches anywhere on the screen he closes them, causing him to dive downward into the hills below.  This simple system can be a bit challenging at first, but most gamers will be reaching the clouds in no time.



Such a simple game as Tiny Wings deserves simple graphics.  The flowing, multicolored hills that make up each island set against the backdrop of a vast clouded sky so perfectly complement the laid-back, feel-good tone of the game, and the soothing background music never fails to make you feel all warm inside.

What improvements can be done: It would be nice if they added more game modes (currently there is only one) and also additional bird types would be nice as well.

Jimmy’s final say: When all is said and done, Tiny Wings is one of the most addictive and thoroughly enjoyable games to come out on the iPhone this year.  With its fluid gameplay and totally creative design, combined with its low price of only $0.99 (iTunes Link), it’s no wonder that the game rose to number one at the app store only a short time after its release. This game is definitely a must-buy for anyone who enjoys games on the iPhone or iPad.


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