“Yakuza 4” Atones For Previous Faults With Minimal Edits

Coming soon to the shores of America nearly a year after it’s Japanese release, Yakuza 4 hopes to make a better show for American consumers. Last year, Yakuza 3 proved itself to be a quality game… but massive chunks were taken out. SEGA gambled that American players wouldn’t want to deal with some of the more Japanese elements. The plan backfired, and many players just refused to play a game that almost epitomized the bad dubs and censorship from Japan of the 1990s.

Yakuza 4 hopes to make up for this. On top of an insane amount of extras previously announced, we’ve gotten confirmation of all the edits in the new one. All two of them, and both are justifiable.

SEGA has stated that a quiz minigame is missing, because the questions were displayed as images instead of text, and it wasn’t time nor cost allowable to rewrite them all. Additionally, the opening theme song couldn’t be licensed for America, and will be replaced.

As one of the people who skipped the previous version because of all the edits, I’m actually anxiously awaiting this sequel.

Via Siliconera.

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