Dead Space 2 Necromorph Perspective

Not only does your mom hate Dead Space 2, but so do I. I’m a Necromorph. Since our grand goal is convergence (bringing all living things together) I don’t have a name, but the name tag on the body I’m using says Brian so you can call me that. Dead Space 2 glorifies violence against us Necromorphs for no other reason than we are trying to make the universe a better place.

Now I can hear some of you anti-Necromorphers already saying “But you are hideous, murderous monsters!” What you see as “murder” we see as upgrading. You humans aren’t using those bodies correctly at all! You use your bones simply to support your body and stand upright. We take those bones and make them into giant spears and claws. Your intestines are only there to digest your food. We turn those intestines into disgusting tentacles. Can humans projectile vomit their stomach acid across a room whenever they want? See, we aren’t killing you, we are upgrading outdated hardware. Plus, most of those bodies were just laying around. I thought you liked recycling.

Now let’s look at this “hero” Isaac Clark. Clark has killed hundreds of us Necromorphs. He doesn’t care if he is facing men, women or children. In Dead Space 2 he ruined what was going to be the best school play production of Peter Pan put on in years. Clark killed Peter, the lost boys, Hook and even some of the parents!

The only part of the game I can recommend is the multiplayer. In the multiplayer you get to play as us Necromorphs. You get to stalk unsuspecting human prey, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. You get to attack the stupid human cattle and rip them apart limb by limb so their bodies can be used to create more Necromorphs and bring us closer to convergence!!!!!

These kids will never grow into the killing machines they were meant to be.

I may have gotten a little carried away there. As a gamer I appreciate the gameplay, sound design, and controls of Dead Space 2 but as a Necromorph I simply can’t recommend it. Let me end this Perspective with something both us Necromorphs and you humans can agree on. Sciento… I mean, Unitologists are pretty creepy.

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