Lone Screenshot For Castlevania: Lord Of Shadow ‘Reverie’ DLC Released

As I’m sure many of you have heard, ‘Reverie,’ the first of two planned DLC packs for Castlevania: Lord of Shadow has been delayed until the end of the month . To promote the upcoming delayed DLC, the folks over at Konami has released a single screenshot along with a message to fans who are eagerly awaiting the DLC pack. You can view both of these below.

Dear Castlevania fans,

The team at MercurySteam is working diligently to create the best possible DLC with “Reverie”. We apologize for the delays and will make sure to update you as soon as the release date is finalized. Our Castlevania fanbase is very important to us and we want to take every possible step to ensure you enjoy the new DLC. Until then, check out this brand new screenshot from “Reverie” and be sure to come back often for more new content! We appreciate your patience and continued support for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Konami Social Team

As far as the premise behind ‘Reverie,’ Gabriel again returns to the castle to help Laura, who is a former servant of the vampire Camilla. As a result of the death of the vampire Queen, Gabriel is now forced to restore balance to the universe and wipe out this new ancient evil that invades the land. Sounds like pretty stock fantasy stuff to me. Granted I’m not much of a Castelvania player, but I really had a hard time getting into this game, as it mixed the worst aspects of God of War and Shadow of Colossus in a way that only an antiquated blender that thinks it knows what the ‘hip’ kids are into could. Anyway, the game will be available for 800 Microsoft points ($10) on Xbox Live or an equivalent amount in the PlayStation Network Store.

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  • The worst aspects of God of War and Shadow of Colussus? Really? What aspects did you specifically want from God of War, the main character to be Kratos instead of Gabriel? Please, this was a shot in the arm for something fresh for the Castlevania legacy and a game many people enjoyed, unexpectedly, in fact.

    Maybe a few of you “game reviewers” should stop this petty “rip-off” criticism. If you really make that argument, then you can clearly see it’s neverending. You could trace every game all the way back to the first games made and say they have all “stolen” ideas. No, it’s not stealing, it’s called learning and adapting in an everchanging gaming industry. Until Castlevania’s DLC has God of War’s story line and steals dialouge or exact combos, let’s not get into this rip-off argument.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      You can look here for a full review that I’ve written that goes into more detail about the mechanics. I actually think the rip off argument is pretty valid, as there are plenty of games that have gamepaly elements that are clearly lifted from other titles. Castlevania: Lord of Shadow is one of them.

      I’m guessing you really enjoyed the game?

  • Hey buddy, just read your review on Xbox exclusive, before you go ripping on people who have a valid argument to yours, make sure you are a credible reviewer.

    Ever heard of syntax or spell check? Go back to college, take some english classes, then try your hand at writing reviews once more.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      I wasn’t aware I was ‘ripping’ into anyone, just defending my own point of view.

      I’m well aware of these far-flung concepts of spell check and syntax. I’m actually currently a writing concentration in college, so you lose there.

      Trolls will be trolls I suppose.

      • “The boss battles are also entirely limited to the player climbing up their bodies and attacking their weak-points, just like in Shadow of the Colossus. However, unlike in Shadow of the Colossus, the bosses have no back-story nor do they grow out of the game-world, they are just needles distractions from the highly linear levels that generally pit you against a ton of weak enemies in an arena.”

        Did you even bother playing after chapter 2? Because you make it sound as if ALL the bosses are like that. Also, you make it sound as if the only game allowed to have Titan-like bosses is Shadow of the Colossus, otherwise it would be considered copying. Please. What a joke.

        Castlevania didn’t copy from anyone. They just took ideas that are pretty generic in today’s gaming industry and put their own twist on it. Just like every other game out there considering how hard it is to come up with something original these days.

        You also mention in your review that enemies can’t hit you when you dodge. Are you kidding me? I got hit plenty of times while attempting to dodge. You have to time your dodges accordingly. Did you even play the game? Wow, I can’t believe I read that.

        The game has also gotten the International Film Music Critic’s 2010 award for Best Score for a Video Game or Interactive Product. To say the soundtrack is “pretty generic” is just in poor taste. The soundtrack was great.

        “Trolls will be trolls I suppose.” Based on your incredibly poor review, I’d say you’re the troll.