Online Game Save Storage Coming To PlayStation Plus

We’d previously reported on a rumor about Sony implementing some sort of cloud-based storage system for PS3 game saves and—what do you know—it’s true! Coming tomorrow on March 10th via the v3.60 firmware update, PS3 users will be able to backup their game saves to that mysterious electronic ether of data only known as “the cloud.”

However, just as we originally suspected, as well, this feature is only for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Given that I’ve already been through one busted PS3 and my second one can’t hold multiple downloads in queue at once or it bricks and requires a complete reformatting, I’d say $50 a year is well worth knowing that my hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, and tears can be restored at any point from any location.

This includes copy-protected saves (which I still hold to be one of the dumbest and most pointless ideas ever conceived in the history of ideas), though previously saved data can only be restored once per 24 hours, which is a whole lot better than never per 24 hours if you ask me. You’re also limited to 150MB and 1,000 game saves, though given that the average save file is something like 200kB, you’re not likely to run out of space in either capacity while you or anyone else still has a PS3.

The PlayStation Blog states the v3.60 firmware update will also contain some other minor fixes, but those well get detailed later once the update goes live tomorrow some time.

via PlayStation Blog.

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