Pokemon Black And White Gets Presidential Treatment

For those of you who, like myself, missed the release of the new DS titles Pokemon Black and White but don’t actually care about the games because they were released after Gold and Silver, this one’s not for you. The Presidents of the United States recorded a song specifically for the event. The song, entitled “Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All)” talks about some of the newest faces to the Pokemon roster that sadly do not include a refrigirator based Pokemon or other appliance based Pocket Monsters like the one featured below.

If you wanted to take a listen to the song, you can check out this video. It’s catchy in the way that the butt-rock from Sonic Adventures and Sonic Adventures 2 was catchy, in a guilty masturbatory kind of way.

Actually, it’s a little better then that, in that it’s not totally butt-rock. Actually, I was kind of into it, and I don’t feel guilty…well maybe a little. If you were really into the song and want to see it performed live, you can also do so below.

If you’re starving for some more Pokemon-based music, which I know you are, then I’ve got one suggestion for you. A free album called Pokemon: The Missingo Tracks was recently released that seems worth downloading. You can download the album at the OverClocked ReMix website and be sure to take a look at this promotional trailer

Well, I think that’s enough Pokemon music for a lifetime or two, don’t you think?

via Kotaku

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