Firmware 3.60 Secures PS3 Once Again

If you turned your PS3 on during today, you’d know there was a shinning brand-new Firmware to download; 3.60 to be exact, which promises new and exciting features to enhance your PlayStation experience… and screw it for those who like to do things the not-so-legal way. The first thing you’ll realize is something Sony had announced a day earlier, the ability to do an up to 150MB cloud storage for Plus Subscribers; effectively marking the first time PlayStation Plus becomes something worth paying for. In addition, a new feature was added regarding the ability to set a timeout for your controller of either 20 to 30 minutes, in case it becomes inactive.

The most significant addition, however, is the fact the PS3 has become secure once again. After months of lawsuits, bans and hacker attacks, it seems Sony has finally got a definite solution against the pirate problem.

Remember the metldr file that is inside every console, allowed the launch of the OS and game loaders, could not be updated or removed, and that was exploited by hackers so the PS3 would always be vulnerable? Well, Sony came up with a simple solution: Bypass metldr and leave it unused, and if the hacking community is to be believed, it works wonderfully… at least for legit users.

It should be noted that this is not, by any means, an indication that the war against piracy is over, but it’s good to see Sony giving the good fight. In the end, our online experience as legit gamers is the one who could be most affected by piracy.

Sources: el33tonline, Casual Cynic

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