First Year Capcom Employees Make iPhone Game

A game called Planet Work hit the App Store yesterday and it’s made by nothing but first year employees at Capcom. It’s about a spaceman that cleans up planets, it’s good to know new Capcom employees have insane ideas for games as well. Jun Takeuchi, a producer at Capcom, has said in an interview with Famitsu:

“Game projects as of late have grown into incredibly huge things in scope. It’s hard to produce one game a year the way that people used to be able to do. That got me thinking that perhaps the best way to get our new employees a taste of the peaks and valleys of game development is to have them produce a game of their own by themselves.”

The game can be initially downloaded for free on the App Store. If you like what you have played of the free levels then within the game you can download a few more for a buck. And apparently Takeuchi is encouraging anyone reviewing the game to be as strict as possible.

This game seems like alot of fun and I hope that other game developers try to push their new employees to make small iPhone games like this to test their creativity and abilities. I feel like this would result in more original IPs in the near future.

Source: 1UP

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