Xbox Wants You To Go To The Lab

Avatars are Microsoft and Rare’s way of personalizing each Xbox Live account. You can modify them based on stock features, you can buy specific clothes and props for them, or you can just try to avoid them as much as possible. Effectively seen as a highly-advanced version of Nintendo’s Miis (which are about to be advanced on the 3DS), they’ve been a definitive part of the 360 brand. Microsoft’s willing to give a few freebies out for Avatars starting today… if you’re willing to pass the time.

Microsoft released Xbox Live Labs today, available under My Community. In it, Microsoft runs a series of three network diagnostic tests. One must run continuously for 30 minutes, while the latter two can run cumulatively for one or six hours. Effectively, if you run the app from start to finish for a quarter of a day, you get all three additions. You will receive a lab coat, brain helmet, and crazy scientist hair… to make your Doc Brown Avatar look even more accurate.

I’m over half-way done, but I don’t know if I’m willing to give up my sweet Shenmue jacket.

Via Major Nelson.

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