Yelp’s Kinect, Garry’s Mod Project

You know, sometimes gaming news comes from the most unlikely of sources. I subscribe to a bevy of RSS feeds from web startups because they generally have really good, in-depth engineering blogs (even Microsoft has its own engineering blog for Xbox) and, being a computer scientist and web developer, it intrigues me on a thoroughly fundamental level how they make things work. Cue the surprise, though, when on the Yelp Engineering Blog—yes, Yelp, the website that tracks and reviews eateries around the world—there was a post regarding a Kinect and Garry’s Mod hack.

John Boiles, an engineer at Yelp, worked after hours to combine Microsoft’s Kinect hardware, the OpenNI framework, and popular Half Life 2 physics sandbox mod Garry’s Mod into a full on robot-wielding, body-kicking, box-bashing simulator/good time machine. The post itself goes into some fairly good detail about how it all works regarding Boiles’ code structure and whatnot, but I think this video explains it best.

I don’t think the bucket was tracked when it was shown, but rather it was just simulated in Garry’s Mod and the real life representation was merely for show. And besides, how can you not love a video that includes such an inordinate amount of ninjas poses? Boiles has also open-sourced his code at his GitHub for those that are curious.

via Yelp Engineering Blog.

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