Dungeon Siege III Co-Op Impressions

Dungeon Siege III the upcoming action RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Square Enix not only has a release date of May 31st 2011, but is has a co-op feature that may be a selling point for some of you.  Now we did not get a hands-on with the co-op portion of the game but we did get to see it in action first hand and I must say it is pretty impressive from what I seen.  From the drop in drop out to the camera tracking this make the co-op a selling point for some, but there are drawbacks.  First to clarify any rumors you may have heard.  You will gain experience points while playing with your dedicated multiplayer character and as far as trophies and achievements go you will be awarded those that are for multiplayer play and others that are earned will be saved to your profile as normal.  Trophies and achievements have never been a selling point for me but I do understand some like to gain those while playing their favorite game.

A draw back is if you are joining a game with your co-op partner and they are playing as Lucas or Anjali or any other character for that matter you will not be able to play as that character and will have to choose from the other available characters.  This isn’t a drawback for me but some it maybe, but let’s face it how much fun would the co-op experience if we were all playing as the same character.

One of the aspects I did find that were appealing was you don’t play in split screen as you will have the whole screen to utilize as the camera will track you and it does a great job and kudos to Obsidian for making such a great feature that is actually functional.  But with any camera tracking gameplay you will not be able to go ahead, which makes this not only a co-op game but this feature makes it a team game as you will be side by side facing your foes and progressing the games story.

Dungeon Siege III will not only deliver a great action RPG for all hardcore RPG fans but the new player that wants to get into a great RPG with excellent gameplay and of course drop in drop out co-op gameplay.  I could see dropping into a game and playing for hours as the game is not only appealing to the eyes but the story and gameplay deliver the whole package for a RPG fan like myself.  So mark your calendar for May 31st 2011 and let us know if you pick up Dungeon Siege III maybe we can get some co-op gameplay in.

Take a look at a couple of co-op gameplay videos for you to take a look at.


Don’t go just yet as we have some awesome co-op player screenshots for you to take a look at.

Dungeon Siege III Hands On Impressions

Interview with Rich Taylor

Interview with Georg Zietz

Be sure to checkout the Dungeon Siege III website for all information regarding this must have game.

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  • I love Action/RPGs. The over the top camera is perfect for co-op because you don’t need to split the screen. Its always fun for you and a friend to kill some monsters, get some loot, and level up for a few hours. With this, Torchlight 1 and 2, Darkspore, the big daddy Diablo III and others on the horizon it’s a good time to love this genre.

  • this is a must buy for me and i look forward to some P*N co-op play when this gets released.