PAX East 2011: Orcs Must Die! Hands-On

Was able to get my hands on a keyboard and mouse and work this game through its paces.  It feels at first like a revamped Dungeon Keeper, as you are working to set traps to stop hordes of orcs from advancing.  The basic concept is more tower defense, though, so you’ll need to be more calculated in how and where the traps are laid.  Once your work is done, however, you actually get to engage with the enemy, and here is where it gets fun.  You can use a variety of attacks and weaponry to take down the orcs yourself, let the traps do the dirty work, let your minions rack up the kills, or do a combination of all of the above.  You get points for the variety in which you dispatch your foes, as well as skill shots and the like.

The demo I played was set in a castle, and had a wonderful variety of environmental effects in the area.  The orcs come in waves, and as you defeat these,you accumulate cash to  spend on more traps, troops or weapons.  I ended up playing as a straight shooter with basic trap laying, and was able to make it through the 8 levels with little difficulty.  I was amused as I watched orcs flying through the air, until I realized that I actually set up a launcher that allowed them to skip a pit and move closer to my base.  Needless to  say, it allowed for some frantic action!

Orcs Must Die! is scheduled for a Summer release.  The platforms for release are being worked on, but don’t be surprised to see this on PC, XBLA and PSN when all is said and done.

Keep an eye on this one; it was a good romp.

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