Tons of WWE All Stars Info!

There is the first bit, a full match video of Masked Kane vs Andre the Giant going at it. You will see some really high flying super powerful ass kicking going on during the video.

Next, there is a nice “Rowdy” retrospective over at the WWE All Stars website, check it out here.

If that didn’t quench your thirst for “Rowdy” Roddy Piper information, you can also check out his entrence and finisher videos right here,

The WWE also started up a fantasy warfare app over on Facebook, you can check it out here. And a heads up about this app, the more the WWE All Stars Fantasy Warfare Application is shared by the community, the faster the progress bar will advance to unlock the final unannounced free DLC character, talk about a great way to unlock some DLC.

We will be sure to share more WWE All Stars info as we get it, there are only a couple more weeks till release so I’m really starting to get excited for some hardcore and fun wrestling!

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