MLB 2K11 or MLB 11: The Show?

Hitting in MLB 11: The Show

I don’t know why, but I really want to play a baseball video game. Last year, I played MLB 10: The Show on a friend’s PS3 and sunk endless hours into the “Road to the Show” mode. The Show’s RTTS had many familiar elements that made me feel at home; if I had to take one genre with me to the grave, it would be the RPG. The ability to improve different attributes of a player using skill points was very comforting.

As someone who follows video game releases, I know that MLB 11: The Show and MLB 2K11 have both recently arrived. I have read several reviews for both games and the message is generally the same: The Show is better.

A play at home in MLB 2K11

I haven’t played either recent release and have never played a MLB 2K game. The real problem is that I don’t have a PS3! I cannot simply decide on a game; one choice effectively costs $360, the cost of the system plus the game. I recognize that I would eventually purchase other games for the PS3, but the middle of March seems like a selfish time to spend that kind of money.

Perhaps I will just curse the name of “exclusives” and buy MLB 2K11. I have read good things about the game, but every review ends the same: buy The Show if you have the choice. Do I want to buy a game if I know I am using an inferior product?

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  • Having played both, I can tell you that The Show is the by far better product both graphically and gameplay wise. While playing The Show you will once in a while feel like your watching a game, the animations are that real. On the other hand , 2k11 is much more cartoony. The gameplay in the show feels real. Players move like the do in real life, so does the ball. 2K11 is full of robotic players and glitchy bugs in player movements. All in all 2K11 is NOT a bad game, but The Show puts it to shame. If you get 2k I don’t recommend ever playing The Show, because its hard to go back.

  • The Show is loads better by far, especially if you are a baseball fan.

    If you really want to buy 2k, wait a month and it’ll drop in price guaranteed. I bought a PS3 last year mainly for The Show and don’t regret it, especially with this year’s lineup of PS3 exclusives being super solid.

  • The Show does look better. The animations are much more realistic and videos look like a real baseball game. But I prefer 2K11 over the Show. I owned the Show for 4 straight years and it has just grown stale. The commentary and presentation do need a fresh update imo. 2K has great commentary along with some bugs in the gameplay. It’s a solid game that with tweaks can play very, very well and is very fun. I prefer the gesture pitching in 2K11 over the analog and other pitching controls in the Show. The Show’s new analog batting is too hard to master imo – I prefer 2K’s approach there as well.

  • Bob

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    • John McMahon (VastManatee)

      There are entire websites and organizations dedicated to working on those problems. You are entitled to your opinion regarding any situation (God bless the USA), but this website is an avenue for people to read and discuss gaming and technology news, reviews, and creative pieces.

      Bob, you must have wound up on this page and read the article + comments for a reason. Perhaps you could offer your opinion relevant to the topic?

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    • Jim

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    • bob shut the fuck up!Nd MLB 2k11 is better!who agrees with me?!

  • You hit the nail right on the Head Bob, This Generation is in for a rude awakeing in the next 5 to 10 years……

    • John McMahon (VastManatee)

      See my above reply. Gracias.

  • Gaming is your Passion?? You need to get out more!!

    • John McMahon (VastManatee)

      Yes. Next question.

  • Bob

    Sorry didnt mean to cause a uproar on this subject…..For the record I own both games MLB The Show 11 is much Better,,, heee heeeee heeeee….

  • You Punked out Bob …..

  • Theres a New Baseball game coming out in 2012,,,,, Suppossed to blow away The show ……

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  • Joe

    I have played both MLB 2k11 and The Show 2011, there is no doubt that MLB The SHOW is much better for accuracy, graphics, and game play. But i must agree with Rudy in I do think the Analog hitting in MLB is hard to master with the pull back and everything. I do like the way 2k11 does their hitting. But I do like the analog pitching with The Show 2011 over 2k11’s motion pitching. Guess I would like it if both would combine forces and make a game together and add the pitching/fielding of MLB with the hitting/base running of 2k11 you would have a PERFECT GAME!

    Well in short, keep everything MLB the show does and just add the 2k11 hitting style over the Analog hitting.

    Also, there are tons of people dieing all throughout this world! You should all be ashamed! Think about all those helpless people that need your help in nursing homes!