BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video Released

As Tym (vttym) mentioned in his PAX East 2011: Day 1 article, the BioShock Infinite team was present this weekend and were eager to talk about the upcoming title in the form of a panel. Out of that panel and the general madness of PAX came a nine minute gameplay video showing off the new art direction and style of BioShock Infinite. Here’s a quick description of what’s in store in the gameplay video.

The video starts out with a heavily patriotic mural depicting the American revolution and reminding us that is is “Our Holy Duty To Guard Against The Foreign Hordes.” We pan to a walk across the cobble stone street while our gravely-voiced protagonist Booker DeWitt mutters about finding a woman. We are passed by a barely functioning horse and buggy as we continue to walk up the street. The lighting heightens as we walk to the end of the street and a smoking floating building begins to collapse and heads straight for our position. We narrowly miss being hit by the Liberty Bell or a similar counterpart, and then take a right past the wreckage. Ominous music beings to play, and we make our way to a burning building. Standing in front of the building is a woman sweeping with broom in hand, unaware or undisturbed by the destruction around her…

Take a a look at the video to see the rest.

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  • This gameplay looks innovative…. and boring

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      Not gonna lie, it’s not the most exciting gameplay I’ve ever seen. Standard FPS fare.