It’s All New To Me – A Newcomer’s Perspective On Pokemon

I swore a long time ago that I would never do two things; play World of Warcraft and play a Pokemon game. This past week, I broke one of those rules.

I went out, bit the bullet, and bought Pokemon Black Version. After all these years of avoiding it like it was the plague, I caved to the “pressure” and bought into a game that I never thought I would enjoy.

Pokemon, you have to understand, was a huge deal well AFTER I was already out of childhood. When that craze came through I was actually already out of high school. For me to pick up a game that appeared to be nothing more than a fad directed at kids half my age would have made me fee like a total moron. However, now that I am nearly twice the average age of most Pokemon players, my mood and view on games has somewhat matured along with me.

It’s funny, playing a game that at it’s absolute core is a just a JRPG, this late in the game has made me feel like a kid again. Not just because of the subject matter, but because I find myself learning an entire new system, that is actually pretty fun. Granted there is no Final Fantasy epic story line, no flashy cut scenes, and plenty of repetition, but it’s still new to me.

So far I am thoroughly enjoying the game. It’s simple enough that I can grab my DSi and jump right in head first and still have a pretty good grasp of what to do even having never seen a Pokemon game in action before. I do have to say, granted it is just element on element fights really, there is a much deeper side to this game. Leveling up your Pokemon is satisfying enough, but knowing that eventually they will morph into larger and more powerful creatures is a nice carrot dangling in my face. It’s kinda like playing Final Fantasy one and knowing that eventually your characters would become something larger and more powerful on screen.

I have barely even scratched the surface of this game and realize there is so much more to see. Besides the however many hundred or so Pokemon that are in my first play-through there are more to be found in subsequent play-throughs. Then there is the ability to download more from other sources, not to mention the ability to trade with friends online.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I may slowly be changing into an actual Pokemon fan. However, this doesn’t mean I will be chatting it up with thirteen year-old old boys and girls about “showing me their Pokemons” or any such nonsense. More so that I have a new appreciation for the game in general. I can’t very well bag on gamers for playing a game that I outright bought myself now can I.

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  • Well… you know, the average age of a Pokemon gamer is about 20-ish…

  • Well… you know, the average age of a Pokemon gamer is about 20-ish…