MLB 11: The Show = Child Approved?

I know this isn’t technically news but one of the perks of founding P*N means I get to post whatever I want, and we like to think of ourselves as a community site above all else so this does fit that. So I was playing and loving some MLB 11: The Show yesterday and then I remembered, it has Move support! As a huge baseball nut, played it all my life, I wanted to see how well it functioned. First off, I was a little disappointed to see that Move is only supported in the Homerun Derby as I would have loved to be able to pitch with it or attempt to field with it as well (hopefully next year). Well I started up the Homerun Derby and I have to say, it was a lot of fun, it didn’t quite feel like I was swinging a real baseball bat but it did feel good. Well after a few rounds of it I put it down to do some other things around the house, that was until my daughter came over to me and asked that I restart the derby as she saw me playing and she wanted to try it (she’s almost 3). I started it right up for her and within moments she’s swinging for the fences! She’s loving MLB 11: The Show, or at least the Homerun Derby part, she was shouting “I did it!” every time she hit the ball. So after my little experience with her and The Show, I have to say, MLB 11: The Show is child approved! If you have any kids, you might just want to check it out, or you can use that as your excuse to pick it up!

She was a little frustrated at first because she missed a few.

This wasn’t Ashley’s first time with the PlayStation Move either, she used it a little with EyePet but she had way more fun with The Show, I think because she watched her dad having fun with it just moments before. I think I might have to start paying more attention to Move games now because she is about that age where she can start “gaming” with her father. So I have one question for all you guys and gals out there, what games do you play with your kids? Preferably one with motion controls as I don’t think my daughter is ready for a standard controller yet.

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  • what a great family story! My son who turns 3 this month loves Kinect and in particular kinectimals, but he doesn’t have the patience for all the story parts inbetween actual gameplay. And many of the parts of the game are just too old for him at this stage.

  • Great video — thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to playing games with my daughter when she’s ready for them! She will have to go through the same steps I didm though. I’m starting her on the Atari 2600 🙂

  • nice! another child friendly game! I can let my kids play it then!