2nd Round Of Layoffs For Disney Interactive

Back in January I reported on a rumour that was circulating the Internet about Disney Interactive Studios and a massive restructure. At the time it was rumoured that up to 50% of the total staff were facing the axe. Thankfully, although there was some layoffs the 50% quoted was(much like everything else on the Internet) heavily exaggerated.

Today there is another rumour about the House of Mouse letting staff go, nothing as dramatic as the last rumour with only 80 employees facing the chop this time.  According to PaidContent this latest round of layoffs means that Disney have released roughly 7% of it’s staff since January.

If PaidContent are correct, then it may also shine some light onto the source of the 50% rumour. With some quick maths:

93% of 4000 is 3720.

+ 80 staff who were still employed after the 1st round of cuts = 3800

4000 to 3800 is a change of 5%

So perhaps the origin of this particular rumour can be attributed nothing more than an errant decimal point.

See kids, it pays to stay in school.

Via: Paidcontent, CVG

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  • I think the rumor came about when it was announced that DIMG was going to reduce spending by 50%. Any alarmist might translate “reduce spending by 50%” as “reduce spending by cutting workforce by 50%.”

  • I had interviewed to work for Disney Interactive … kind of glad things didn’t work out reading this.