Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC Trailer

Originally announced at the end of 2010 and then delayed, the first DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is nearing its release date.  HavenDan posted the awesome looking screenshots and artwork last week and you should really go and check it out if you are a fan of the Castlevania series.

How much will it cost you?  If you plan on picking it up on Xbox LIVE then the answer is 800 MS Points, while buying from the PlayStation Network will cost 7.99 Euros (and the equivalent in your local currency).

The first of two planned DLC packs for the game, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie sees players return to the castle as Gabriel seeks to help Laura, the former servant to the vampire Camilla. The death of the vampire Queen has unleashed an ancient evil that threatens the land, and Gabriel must restore balance in these two additional chapters for players to enjoy.

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