Platform Nation’s Lock and Load – Episode 49

This weeks hosts are, Steven Artlip (Steve519), Scott diMonda (WCC5723) and Mark Rea (A Dark Knight 2). This weeks show also stars Tym Kaywork (vttym)

Our primary objective this week:
PAX East 2011: Day 1 Recap by: Tym Kaywork (vttym)
PAX East 2011: Day 2 Recap by: Tym Kaywork (vttym)
Pax East 2011: Day 3 Recap And Final Thoughts by: Tym Kaywork (vttym)

Our Rapid Fire topics this week are:
– We skipped this weeks Rapid Fire due to all of our PAX talk.

And let’s not forget, Mark’s Question of the Week:
– What do you use to assist you in making your purchases, reviews on Amazon, social networking, etc.?

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  • Hey! I’m on a show! Am I famous now? 🙂 .. thanks for the invite, guys: had a great time…

    Code I think was used – it currently shows as being validated. Grats! Listen to the podcast for your chance to win 4 more codes (in case you can’t read fine print 😉 )

  • Good show. I did really like the PAX coverage. The coverage on sites like this often trumps what you see on bigger sites like Joystiq and Giant Bomb. While I like what those sites do, their coverage is usually just about meetings they had with companies showing off games. It’s not much different than their normal coverage, they just went somewhere to do it all. I just said coverage way too many times.

    I don’t care about that stuff. If PAX didn’t exist we’d get the same info, just spread out a bit more. I want the PAX experience in my web browser. I want to see the show. I want to know what it’s like being out on the floor and enjoying it. I didn’t get to go to the show (maybe next year) so I want the full write-up of the experience, and that’s what I got here.

    I’m glad to know that The Gunstringer is looking good. I don’t have a Kinect, but I really like Twisted Pixel’s games and want this to be good. I’m a little wary after Comic Jumper, which had quite a few issues, but I don’t know it and possibly Dance Central are enough to make me buy a Kinect yet.

  • alright guys, I actually listened all the way through this time before jumping on to leave a comment – good job as always. Since you don’t have enough guys called Mark on the show I feel it is my duty to increase that number by leaving a comment.

    When it comes down to purchasing a gadget I usually spend a bit of time surfing around looking for comparision reviews. Generally I’m upgrading so what I look for is a review comparing the gadget I have with the one I want.

    Of course if its a game, I wait for the platform nation review everytime 🙂

    I dont think I have ever left a review on Amazon or any similar site. I’m very sceptical that they are even genuine people leaving those reviews.

    And I will finish on a question for Mark. Not me, the other Mark! How did you get on with Enslaved? You started it about the same time as me but I never checked in with you to see if you completed it. I really liked it but found that I played it for a few days and just haven’t had the urge to go back to it (yet).

  • i really enjoyed the talk about pax , i wish i can go to pax is does sound like such a good time, as tim put it pax=disneyland , but seeing the industry grow, and having these big shows shows how much the game idustry has grown , also is good too know were getting at least some good kinect game cant wait too try gunsliger, also try duke nukem , maybe one day ill head to boston

  • Max

    That’s some extensive Pax coverage! Took me a bit to catch up, but you covered a few niches the major news sites didn’t talk much about.

    Couldn’t agree more on Ken Levine’s enthusiasm for his work. He is such a nice and down to earth guy, with a mind sharp as a Hatori Hanzo Katana. I was just a little disappointed they didn’t include Shawn Elliott in the panel. I’m sure that would have taken it over the top!

    I grew up with Duke Nukem, emphasis on grew up. Times have changed and I’m not an immature zit covered teenager anymore that laughs about dick and fart jokes as much as I used to back then. It’s not only that Duke’s ideology is stuck in the 90’s together with all the anachronisms that belong into that period, it’s also the gameplay that seems stuck in time. I’m all for nostalgia, but in this case it won’t make me forget all the faults DNF is poised to have.

  • I’m going to make this sweet and brief since I’m not even sure if there is a chance to win a FHP code anymore, but I just wanted to state that all the swag you obtained during the PAX event is a major win! Nice showoff picture of all the swag too, haha. I hope I get to go to the next PAX east event.

    You better have played some Portal 2 rather than only take a picture of the booth, that game looks so promising!

    All in all, booth babes for the win. 🙂

  • First, thanks for the comments! Seeing what you liked helps me focus on doing that stuff next time (I agree, seeing interview after interview on other sites kind of loses the point of PAX, which is just everything at the show; next time I bring a real video camera and do some filming on the floor).
    @louiedog – not only were the controls good on Gunstringer, but the story was hilarious (what little I encountered in the two boards they had for demo). Very creative (as you’d expect from Twisted Pixel)
    @Mark – I hope you left a voicemail about Pax, otherwise no entry for you! And I can say firsthand that Amazon reviews are real. At least, the ones I do are.
    @pikemoney – get to boston (or seattle if that’s closer) – even if it’s for a one-day pass (though if it’s a long trip, make it a vacation). If you enjoy what you saw in the coverage, you will feel like you’re in heaven when you’re there.
    @Max – Ken was awesome to listen to; I saw him talking to people all weekend, and he had the same energy at all times. Was great seeing that mind at work. As for Duke Nukem, I agree that the humor that game presents I consider myself beyond at this point, but it still was funny. The game warrants at least a play of the demo before you throw it away completely. But, yeah, this game certainly isn’t for everyone 🙂
    @Nets101 – As far as I know, the contest is running until the next show (which is usually recorded on Wednesday or Thursday). So folks have until at least 3/23, though I’d imagine folks would want to comment just for the love of commenting, right? 🙂 And yeah, the swag was nice. I still need to go through it all in detail. I did NOT play Portal 2, but from what I understand, it wasn’t a playable demo, but rather a video of gameplay. And no argument from me on booth babes, but I can see why some would be upset; if this isn’t a booth babe expo, then don’t bring them. Respect the event.

    Keep the comments coming, and thanks for taking the time to listen to the show, visit Platform Nation, and letting us know what you think. Good luck to everyone with the contest!

  • Hey Guys, I enjoyed listening to the podcast this week. It seems that Tym really enjoyed the trip to PAX. I am probably gonna take the trip up there next year after hearing about it. One thing that would probably be refreshing to hear would be your take on the more obscure stuff. You can hear about the major studio releases anywhere. But hearing about the small indie releases and the panel discussions would be different enough to be interesting. Keep up the good work, and I will keep listening!

  • Adamx98

    Awesome coverage! I haven’t been to a con in ages, but this has me already making plans for next year!

    Pretty excited to hear about the Kinect stuff, lots of potential there.
    And Mortal Kombat has me all a-tingle too!

    One piece of advice though: More Princess Leia, less Storm Trooper. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

  • Ree

    Always wanted to go to a con… podcast was good; a little long for me but I have a short attention span. Short attention span = too many wonderful games to choose from.

    Oh and I’d like more Storm Troopers rather than Princess Leia… thanks 😛

  • Awesome podcast lots of great news came out at PAX & it sounds like you guys had a great time.
    A highlight was all the great info on Gunstringer, i’m very excited about the idea of XBLA kinect games, but worried about the cost, any clue what the price will be? Because I could see Microsoft trying to get away with trying to sell Kinect XBLA games games for 1600 MS

  • thanks for the pax talk tym ,like that you enjoyed i only been too pax prime ,it was such a good time, next year im gonna go two both saving up money to go , but really it such a great time got to see some of my favorite people ever ,rt and mega 64 , im going next year so hope i see you tym 🙂