Sony Encourages Japanese Donations With A Theme

The Japanese disaster has been going on for a week now. Many donations have popped up, and game developers have hopped in to help. Many companies are selling their games on the App Store at a severely discounted price, donating the profits to Japan. Naturally, it’s a little harder for physically-released products on shelves, if only for time and the middleman. Sony’s offering up an free theme for offering a donation through the PlayStation Network.

Donations of $2, $5, $10, $25, and $50 to the “Aid Japan” section of the PlayStation Store will net a free theme. “Aid Japan” can be found under the New Releases section. All proceeds will be going to the Red Cross toward their Japanese relief fund. Worst case, it can help you clean up your Wallet.

Have you donated anything to Japan? I’m personally taking part in promoting the Super Hero Time fund.

Via PlayStation.Blog

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