Why Not WoW?

Earlier I wrote an article about how I fell victim to the traps of Pokemon. Granted to some, this is a very addictive game, however I don’t see myself rushing out to buy all the previous games. I am not even sure that it has grabbed me enough to get me to buy subsequent games either.

There is a game out there, that I will never play, and will always stand firm on this. That game being World of Warcraft. I have almost played the game before. I say almost because I downloaded the free trial after Cataclysm because it really did look interesting. I never played it, however. I am just too afraid of what it will do to me, and every one I love.

Here is the thing, I absolutely LOVE RPGs. I have owned every Final Fantasy game since the original NES version (including original Gameboy, and Mystic Quest versions). As well as countless other RPG’s spanning several different systems.  I also have played all of Blizzards previous games like Diablo one and two, Warcraft, and it’s sequels (excluding WOW).

The reason I don’t play is I think due to the fact that I have an addictive personality when it comes to games (no, really I do) and I know that should I try the game out, I may not return. It’s like the alcoholic that has been sober for 15 years and doesn’t go to parties or bars where there is booze b/c he knows he may just slip and fall back into old habits. I don’t play the game b/c I know that I may like it and not be able to stop myself.

I have several friends that play WOW on a regular basis. They tell me how much fun it is, and how amazing the game as a whole is. I just agree, and sip my ginger ale.

I don’t talk down to my friends that play the game, they do what they want. It is their own business. However, when several of them talked about getting the new expansion, I did try to convince them that they didn’t need it, and they were better off in their lives not having it. Much like a long sober friend tries to talk a buddy out of that shot of Jager they just got from some chick at the bar.

So play on my friends that have been sucked back into the Realm of Azeroth. Enjoy leveling up till you can’t get any higher, say hi to the Lich King for me, have fun storming the castles. I shall never join your ranks on the hills of Northrend, but it is for the best, trust me.


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