Doodle Jump Kinect

It appears that one of the most enjoyed games on mobile handsets will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and Kinect sometime in the future as Lima Sky, the developer behind the sensation that is Doodle Jump has revealed.

Just a mockup that I threw together

Just a mockup that I threw together

I really enjoy Doodle Jump on the iPhone, it’s fun and highly addictive, you have been warned! I find it difficult to imagine gamers experiencing Doodle Jump with gestures, surely the PlayStation Network would be better suited with the SixAxis controller, tilting left or right for movement and using the triggers for shooting creepy-crawlies? With E3 drawing closer and closer, it will be interesting to see what other games will be making the transition from one platform to another. I personally would like to see a Kinect game similar to Flight Control on the iOS platform, whereby you direct aircraft and ensure they all land safely without colliding into one another.


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