Hoard Review (PSP)

Game Review: Hoard (PSP)
Release: March 22nd 2011
Genre: Strategy Arcade Game
Developer: Big Sandwich Games
Available Platforms: PSP, PSN, PS3, PC (April 4th)
Players: 1 (PSP)
MSRP: $9.99
ESRB Rating: E

Hoard is a medieval strategy-arcade game where you will torch towns, kidnap princesses, fight armored knights, roast thief’s and gather as much gold as you can.

The objective of Hoard is simple. Gather as much gold as you can in the allotted time. Gold is earned from destroying towns, capturing and holding princesses for ransom, fighting off thief’s and destroying supply wagons. Other game modes include Princess Rush, a race to capture 15 princesses, a survival mode where you see how long you can last against your enemies and a co-op mode, where you play with other computer controlled dragons together as a team to rack up the gold.

Big Sandwich Games needs to be congratulated on making a great arcade game. Hoard is simple fun, controlling your dragon is a blast and there is plenty of strategy to keep things interesting.
In each game you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your dragon as you gold stash expands, this includes Speed, Attack, Storage, Defense, each offers benefits but requires balance to work effectively.
There are a variety of achievements to be unlocked through continued play and with four game modes to choose from there is no lack of game to enjoy. The music is also well done, and unlike some arcade games the score doesn’t become obnoxious when played at length.

There isn’t really any negative aspects to Hoard. Aside from a one time lock-up during play, the only real complaint I have is in the lack of multiplayer support for the PSP.
All other versions of the game have both local and internet multiplayer, but it’s all strangely absent from the PSP version. Disappointing but certainly not a deal breaker.

All in all Hoard is a great game at a good value. If you have any liking at all for arcade games, or just want a shot at being a dragon in this humorous fairytale twist, do yourself a favor and pick a copy of Hoard. You won’t regret it.

+ Great fun
+ No learning curve
+ Lots of achievements

– Lack of multiplayer support

Final Score: 8 out of 10

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