Marvel vs Capcom 3- How to Beat Sentinel

Rocket punch, Rocket punch, high beam, down beam, Sentinel force.

Sentinel using a standard douche combio

Tired of getting continually defeated by the above combination?

Welcome to Sentinel vs Sentinel: A Fate of Two Sentinels!

What the cover should have looked like

Which is all fine and good, if, like most players online, you lack the self-respect needed to justify playing Sentinel. But for those players that are dissatisfied with fighting fire with fire, or Sentinel with Sentinel, this one’s for you.

As you’re probably aware, most Sentinel players play something like the below video represents.

They use a few moves, try to camp, and avoid combat at all costs. Which is why you have to trip them up if you want to win. I’ve found there’s one character in particular that’s effective at fighting Sentinel.

Amaterasu, part time Goddess, part time Sentinel-killer

If you just dash over Sentinel’s high beam and mash forward heavy, you’ll easily be able to trip up the average online Sentinel player. Obviously, this won’t work against the pro’s, but for standard online play this is a pretty viable strategy. This could apply to other quick, high damage characters such as Wolverine or X-23, but it won’t be quite as effective. Just do a high jump over him, bring out a ranged assist for a distraction, jump into him and mash forward heavy. If you can get Sentinel into a combo, you can beat him up close.

A second strategy would be to employ the only ranged character in the game that can go through other ranged characters, Arthur. Against a novice Sentinel, simply keep throwing lances, or jump and throw daggers while a ranged assist hits the ground. Timing is everything here, and if you time it right you can outshoot a mindless Sentinel player.

Arthur after beating Sentinel

Hope that helps a bit, let me know if you’re having any trouble against Sentinel and I can give you individual pointers.

For now, check out this chipmunk’s guide on how to beat the alight mighty mutant killer.

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  • h.o.r

    Or select chris and hit D, D, H and shoot at him. They hate that

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      It’s true but I realized this really isn’t relevant anymore. Sentinel’s been nerfed to shit.

      • h.o.r

        whatever that means

        • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

          Well they lowered his health from highest in the game to below average in the latest patch.

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