Gaming Confession: I Want It Now

As a gamer I am a selfish person.

I don’t want to have to wait for the next game release, I want it now.

For example, when I completed Dragon Age 2 as soon as the credits started to roll I was I thinking I want more. DLC is good for a short term fix but it usually doesn’t have the longevity of a full game and doesn’t offer the same ratio of content to price that a full retail title does. I suppose wanting more is an indication of (at least for me) a good game.  If I was left at the end of a game with a feeling of meh or empathy then I would probably not care about any future content or releases.

To avoid any confusion, I should clarify that there is a difference between I want more, and I expect more. I want more of Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age 2(Yeah I’m a Bioware fanboy) I want to continue to live in those universes. I don’t want to say goodbye to the characters that I have met. I don’t want to see those credits rolling.  On the other hand, I expect more is reserved for those titles that just seem too short. The games where I feel that I am not necessarily getting good value for money.  Not every game will last 30 hours, nor do I expect it but personally for me a single player campaign has to run 8-10 hours. I’d love more gameplay and story but realistically it just isn’t feasible unless every game has massive repetition/level grinding or Metal Gear Solid levels of confusing and contradictory story which isn’t good value for money either.

Now if we all had the mindset of I want it now, then the marketing men would love it. If everyone had to have the latest release then it would sell hundreds of thousands of units *cough Black Ops cough* without much effort and more importantly marketing costs. Consequently some developers will drip out information of a game to stoke the fires of hype LONG before its intended release. This has the exact opposite effect on me, the longer I have to wait the more my interest in the game will dissipate. If the game is delayed then I may never play it let alone buy it. I understand from a business perspective that your investors and stock holders will want to know what you are spending your money on and when they can expect a return. However as gamer knowing in 2010 then a game will released in 2-3 year I will generally ignore press release/rumours’/screenshots rather than obsess over something that is only a speck on the horizon. To make things worse/easier depending on your viewpoint for the marketing men,  if it is a game that I am actually looking forward to such as Portal 2 or Mass Effect 3 I will actually go on a media blackout. I want to enjoy the game as I play it, I don’t want to know the story in advance.

So in conclusion I want it now but don’t want to know that I want it now. Confused? I know I am

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