Halo Defiant Map Pack: First Impressions

I recently got my hands on the new Defiant Map Pack for Halo: Reach. Here are my first impressions of the three new maps:

Highlands—16 players

Hold X to flip the Warthog.

Highlands is a huge map that supports Big Team Battle, Team Objective and Team Slayer. Each base has a warthog nearby, with a couple mongoose and ghost locations. There are a ton of long sight lines, which makes for happy snipers; as a result, the middle of the map becomes No Man’s Land and you are forced to stay on the outskirts after the first couple minutes of gameplay. There are warps that expedite travel across the map, but they don’t seem to be used often. This is definitely a shooter’s map, so if you are good with the default DMR then you will find yourself at the top of the score list. With all the perches and nooks around, the jetpack was a good fit.

Condemned—12 players

Mid-air shooting in the low-gravity room

Condemned is a midsize map that supports Free for All in addition to Team Objective and Team Slayer. This battle takes place in a space station, which means plenty of close combat. There is a very cool low-gravity area that often becomes the focal point of skirmishes. A long sniper sight line extends through the low-G section, so keep that in mind when you are slowly floating around. The energy sword, my personal favorite, will always be in someone’s hands. Action was easier to find on this map, so I preferred it over Highlands.


That missile launcher isn't just for decoration.

Unearthed is a firefight map that is home to the standard firefight modes is addition to Generator Defense. This map feels a lot bigger than other Firefight maps, especially since the waves drop off a good distance from home base. There is a very conveniently placed missile launcher warthog, which is always nice, but Unearthed doesn’t appear to be a Firefight revelation.

More in-depth review to come! If you are thinking about buying the map pack, consider how much you play Firefight versus regular multiplayer. Defiant offers two new multiplayer maps and one Firefight map for 800 MSP.

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