“Street Fighter” Team Inspires Japan

We’re a week out from the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan. As home of many video game companies (alongside innumerable cartoons, comic books, technology, and other things imported to America), gamers and the like feel a special bond with our allies to the far east. Many game developers discounted games and had the profits go to Japan over the past week. Capcom, notably, dropped the price of Street Fighter IV on iOS to $.99, with proceeds going to Japan.

Capcom of Japan decided to inspire the masses. With this image featuring some of the cast of Street Fighter, the text reads

We express our deepest condolences to all those struck by the great earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011

A wallpaper sized version of the image has been made available. Notably, it features the Japanese cast of Street Fighter; Ryu, Makoto, Sakura, E. Honda, Ibuki, and Gouken all hail from Japan (and are, well, good guys). It probably works out best that Akuma, practicer of the Raging Demon technique, isn’t included.

Have you donated any to Japan? So far, I’ve picked up Bejeweled on iOS.

Via Capcom Unity.

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