Xbox 360 Laptop Meets A 1977 Atari Console

Here’s a mix that we never thought we would see.  Two video game consoles, born generations apart, smashed together to create one single machine. Benjamin J. Heckendorn, a.k.a. Ben Heck, was asked by Atari to take his concept of an Xbox 360 laptop and make it relevant to the soon to be re-released Atari classics which include Yar’s Revenge and Star Raiders.

The Ben Heck Show is a bi-weekly show that Platform Nation readers might want to watch as Ben does some great modding.  Here we have the trailer for the latest episode. Just how much fun does Ben look like he is having when he rips the side off the Xbox 360 casing?

Throughout the design and build process, Ben takes careful consideration to incorporate elements from the original Atari system such as wood paneling, sharp, contoured edges and Atari’s classic metal switches. He even combines graphics from the original Atari joystick with the “ring of light” required by the Xbox system. After powering up the machine for a quick game of Street Fighter IV, Ben concludes the project a major triumph.

We are thrilled with the final build of Ben’s custom Xbox 360 1977 Edition system,” said Lee Jacobson, SVP of Licensing and Digital Publishing, Atari. “Ben clearly had a lot of fun and it’s great to see how the classic, retro Atari design is incorporated. The system completely exceeded our expectations and we’re sure that any Atari enthusiast would be thrilled to use this unique system.

So how about a link to the show?  We have your back, here it is. Episode 14


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  • I wonder how much an Atari 2600 Xbox 360 (1977 edition!) would retail at if it was put into production. What would you pay to get your hands on one of these?

    We’re running a competition at where one of Ben Heck’s builds is up for grabs and would love to receive contributions from some fellow modding dudes!