Apple Sues Amazon Over App Store ID

It seems with every passing day there are new lawsuits and/or counter-suits between one multinational company and another.  We have had LG vs. Sony, Sony vs. Apple, Microsoft vs. Apple, and Microsoft vs. Google. The list is endless. Most of these lawsuits have little or no impact on actual consumers and will ultimately result in theoretical money being passed from one firm to the next and the lawyers making out like bandits.

Rant aside I actually have some news;

Apple have sued Amazon over their use of the term “App Store”  

Apple believes that Amazon has used the name App Store in a deliberate attempt to capitalise on their creation.

Apple’s claim is:

“Consumers of mobile software downloads are likely to be confused as to whether Amazon’s mobile software download service is sponsored or approved by Apple.”

In a related issue, Apple has also filed for a trademark on the term “App Store” As you would expect, this wasn’t just accepted by everyone and Microsoft have issued a challenge on the application. Microsoft thinks that the term App Store is a generic term for any store that sells apps much like shoe store or toy store.

So what do you think? Is App store associated with Apple? Or is it just an abbreviation for application? Is Amazon’s move an innocent mistake or malicious intent to capitalise on Apples brand?

For me, the App store is associated with Apple as I first came across the term on an Apple product. However the same can be said for the term “podcast” which is now a generic name. In Apple’s defence, I can understand why they would want to stop people selling on a brand they have established. They lost out on the term podcast, and I can only imagine what they think about every cheap electrical product that cashed in on the craze by calling their device iSomething or putting an iPod style cosmetic on it.

At the end of the day they can fight it as much as they want but they cannot win. Apple have entered the social consciousness; much like how every portable cassette player was called a Walkman,  every vacuum is a Hoover, every pen is  a Biro, every fat reducing grill is a George Forman and every hot tub is a Jacuzzi.  Apple has created a legacy that will never die and they should be happy.

via BBC News

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  • What’s a biro pen? 😉

    I think the term app store is a generic term. Amazon might be capitalizing, but if Apple was stupid enough not to patent it by now, then they deserve to lose it.

  • John McMahon (VastManatee)

    What is a biro?