More Dynasty Warriors 7 Character Art

Earlier we confirmed that there will be 64 playable characters in Dynasty Warriors 7 and we have just received the art work for 6 more.

Here we have

  • Wu – Huang Gai
  • Gan Ning
  • Wei – Xu Huang
  • Shu – Wei Yan
  • Shu – Pang Tong
  • Other – Diao Chan

So have you seen your favourite characters yet, please leave comments below telling us what other Dynasty Warriors treats you want to see.  Keep watching Platform Nation as we bring you more news on the game as we get it.

Huang Gai

Wu Gan Ning

Xu Huang

Wei Yan

Pang Tong

Diao Chan




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  • germeh

    Love Diao Chan really excited for this one

  • awsome diao chan baby all the way :]