New Dynasty Warriors 7 Story Mode HD Screenshots

We just got sent some more Dynasty Warriors 7 screenshots and this time they are for the story mode.  In any of the game modes you can choose to play across your local network or jump online.   For local network play, it will be split screen which is a mode often missing from games.  For online play, you can either host and invite people into your game or just choose to join a game in progress.  Either way, you won’t have to play alone.

Remember that we have more Dynasty Warriors 7 details coming up this week, including details on the 64 playable characters.

Make Your Choice

For those new to the Dynasty Warriors series or those who want to brush up on their skills. It covers the basics and then goes on to provide some training with this title’s new features, like the EX Attack, Seals, and more in a learn-by-doing format.

The Gallery contains officer models, movies, and more for viewing and allows players to adjust in-game wallpaper settings. The further you proceed in the game, the more things there are to view or see.

Get to know the people, places, battles, stories, and other elements of the Three Kingdoms with the fascinating info offered in the encyclopedia.

Conquest ModeOnline Play
Enjoy online cooperative play through your network by answering another player’s call for aid, or by issuing one of your own. All stages in Conquest Mode, including Legendary Battles, downloaded scenarios and more can be played online.

The Beauty of Online Play!
Both players earn money and fame from playing together. They also both receive the weapons dropped by enemy officers. Note however, that the weapon each receives changes based on their currently equipped weapon and there could be times when the weapon only drops for one of them.
In addition since any stage cleared is cleared for both players, Online play represents a chance for a player to jump ahead in his own game by skipping over some stages and quickly advancing into the heart of China.



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