News From C2E2 Part 1

C2E2 is Chicago’s newest premier comic book convention. 2011 is only C2E2’s second year and it’s already huge. It took place from March 18th to the 20th and I was lucky enough to go. Everything a nerd could enjoy was there: video games, movies, anime, tv, comedy, music and of course comic books. Comic books are definitely the focus of C2E2. As always with a big comic convention, there was a lot of news announced at C2E2. Especially from Marvel and DC. I wasn’t able to go to every panel, but I was able to hear a lot of the announcements first hand. Here are just some of the announcments that got me hyped to read some comics.

Fear Itself – Fear Itself is Marvel’s big upcoming event. Matt Fraction is writing the main Fear Itself series and talked about some things we can expect. In Fear Itself it’s revealed that Odin might not be the All-Father of the Marvel Universe. Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter, is going to release an immensely powerful Norse God who threatens the entire universe. Thor will have to reconsider what being a God actually means. Captain America will have to find meaning in his name when America means nothing. Iron Man will have to come to grips with a situation that science can’t explain. There have been a lot of cool Fear Itself teasers and hearing about it from the creators has gotten me hyped for this book. It seems like it will force Marvel’s big characters to examine who they are and what they stand for.

Secret Avengers – Nick Spencer is writing the Secret Avenger’s tie in to Fear Itself. Each of the three issues will focus on one character in the Secret Avengers; Beast, Black Widow, and Valkyrie. Each issue will examine how this giant event affects them on a personal level.

Iron Man 2.0 – Another Nick Spencer Fear Itself tie in will pit War Machine against Iron Fist and the other Immortal Weapons. Iron Fist and the other Immortal Weapons are some of my favorite Marvel characters so I am psyched for this book.

Fear Itself: The Deep – There wasn’t much revealed for this book except that it will involve the unlikely pair of Dr. Strange and Namor. Marvel’s magic world is always interesting and it will be cool to see how Fear Itself affects it.

Ghost Rider – a new Ghost Rider book was announced with the creative team of Rob Williams and Matthew Clark.

Cassandra Cain – A fan in the DC Nation panel asked about Batman’s past. Specifically that Bruce Wayne’s mother’s maiden name is Cain. Writer Scott Snyder revealed that Cassandra Cain, a very popular former Batgirl, is returning from a hitaus in comics in Gates of Gotham, an upcoming mini series.

Brightest Day – If you’ve been reading Brightest Day you know that the series is ending soon with issue 24. Dead Man has been searching for earth’s champion and that hero will be revealed soon. All we know about who it will be is it’s going to be a surprise.

Look for News From C2E2 Part Two for the rest of the announcements I heard at C2E2.

Pictures Via Marvel and DC Comics

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